Chalk Hill

Chalk Hill represents an outer suburban terminus station “somewhere in Central Southern England”, serving the commuter area of a much larger town. A much truncated junction station.

Aside from the passenger traffic, there is a small freight handling yard, which deals with palletised goods and the odd container. An aggregates yard is seen at the opposite end of the station area together with a locomotive re-fuelling point.

Other freight traffic occasionally makes use of the station’s run-round facilities, together with an occasional charter. Heritage diesels also make an appearance.

The line over the middle of the station is in fact the main line from which this branch diverges a few miles distant. This is currently subject to an engineering possession to replace life expired track. The engineer’s trains account for the higher than normal activity within the bounds of the station.

The local Preservation Group had the foresight to persuade Railtrack and now Network Rail to maintain a link; that allows them to run a Steam service. Longer term plans have been agreed which will allow this group to expand their services along the old branch towards another local town.

The reality is that Chalk Hill is a privately owned layout created by 3 former members of the now sadly demised Bushey & District Model Railway Society. It takes its name from the road passing the old club rooms. DCC operated using RTR stock some of which has been weathered. Diesel operated with occasional steam. Depending on the availability of stock the layout can run from the early Green period up to the present date.


Exhibition Information

Chalk Hill requires 3 people to operate, is 16′ long by 2’6″ wide and requires about 2’6″ behind to operate it from. Its value for insurance purposes is £3000.

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