Ruhestand Weg (OBB)

Ruhestand Weg DSCF0844

Ruhestand Weg is a truncated branch terminus in Austria, as is the present case; numerous branch lines have been closed fully or partially. In this particular case the line has been saved by the fact that there are a couple of large employers within the area and the rail provides a cheaper and more efficient way of their goods getting to market.

The station is linked to rest of the OBB to the west of Vienna and also is a junction of a dual gauge line, heading up to Bad Lockerung,

The station has a small goods shed and the old steam shed which is still in use for the diesels between duties.

Exhibition Information
Layout dimensions 13’x18” requiring operating space behind.

2/3 Operators

Transport cost – layout designed to fit in 1 car – so basically fuel cost for travel.

Insurance value £5000

Layout is privately owned, being one of a multitude of layouts available from Carpenders Park Modellers.

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