Whitrope Siding

Whitrope Siding is based (as much as space allows) on a real place of the same name which was once situated on the famous “Waverley Route”, a main line which ran between Carlisle and Edinburgh, through the English/Scottish Borders (Closed 1969).

The location was (and still is) bleak and sparsely populated. At the time the line was open it consisted of nothing more than a small 12 lever signal box between Riccarton Junction and Shankend, plus a couple of ancillary huts and two cottages for signal/railwaymen (The cottages are off scene on my layout but next to the signal box the end of their gardens can be seen). Opposite the signal box is a snow-fence, a feature which identifies the location to many.

The signal box controlled the Section between Riccarton and Shankend, and in addition a trailing crossover plus access to a single siding. All remained in place right up until closure of the line.

Today it is the home of the Waverley Route Heritage Association, although of the original structures that once existed there, only the cottages survive.

Based during the period between approximately 1957 and 1965 the layout allows me to run a range of different Eastern Region locos such as B1s, V2s and the various Pacific types. All were used as often on long fitted freights as passenger duties. You will also see a few early green Diesels.

It is unashamedly a layout for “Watching the Trains Go by” for which I think N is well suited. The signals are currently temporary non-working ones and not prototypical. In due course I intend to replace them with operating signals of the correct lattice type.


Exhibition Information

The layout is portable, being designed to fit in a small hatchback (VW Polo). It requires just one mains socket for power.

British N 1:148. Size 7ft by 2ft (Space required approx 8ft by 4ft – operated from behind). Requires 1-2 operators.

To book it please email us: whitropesiding @ carpendersparkmodellers.org.uk